CyberARTS at Northview Heights Secondary School
CyberARTS combines foundation studies in drawing and computer-based technology offering students high-demand skills in digital imaging, 3-D animation, videography, web creation, multimedia, fashion, interior and graphic design. CyberARTS students gain credits in Fine and Applied Arts, Communications Technology, New Media Studies and Co-operative Education.

CyberARTS curriculum is designed to maximize student potential and develop their entrepreneurial spirit through a variety of expanded opportunities. Students use their art and technology skills for outreach projects that are developed with partners in our community. After the completion of four years of study CyberARTS students finish with a four month full day co-op placement.

Career Possibilities:
• Graphic Design • Animation (Classical & Computer) • Web Design • Medical Imaging• Fashion Design • Interior Design • Advertising • Corporate Communications • Game Design • Television & Video Graphics • Architecture • Video Production

CyberARTS at Northview Heights Secondary School begins in Grade nine. Students can begin their CyberARTS experience, in Grade seven, at our feeder school C.H. Best Middle School.

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Northview Heights Secondary School
Program Director, Margaret Belisle
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